Welcome to the Chinle Agency - Department of Early Childhood Development.

Y't'h, Welcome to the Chinle Agency Department of Early Childhood Development.

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Agency Program Manager Welcome Letter:

Y't'h, Welcome to our new website to all my relatives, friends and acquaintances.

My maternal clan is Na'nisht'ezhi Tabaahi, and born into the Kinyaanaanii clan. My maternal grandparents are Totsohnii. My paternal grandparents are Todichii'nii. I am originally from Star Mountain and Horse Springs area of Teesto Chapter.

The Navajo Head Start Program, Chinle Agency, is funded to serve 883 Home Based Programs with an enrollment of 228 children and 33 classrooms serving 655 children. These programs are operated in 17 Navajo Nation Chapter communities.

To provide these services, we have a staff of approximately 200 employees, manning various stations and aspects or program operations. Our employees occupy the following positions: Classroom cooks, bus drivers, teacher assistants, teachers, home visitors, Early Head Start teachers, family service liaisons, family service coordinators, custodian, fleet maintainer, facility maintenance supervisor, data entry clerk, personnel records clerk, secretary, education specialist, administrative service officer and agency program manager.

I hope that you enjoy the information that we will provide here on our website to inform you of what we are doing, and I hope that this information is helpful to you.

Thank you for visiting our website. Have a fine day!

Jimmie Attakai
Canyon De Chelly
Jimmie Attakai
Agency Manager

P.O. Box 797
Chinle, AZ 86503
928.674.2141 voice
928.674.2147 fax

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